Public transport in Graz

General overview:

Tickets (Fahrscheine)

You can purchase tickets from presale-ticket windows (Vorverkaufsstellen) or ticket machines (Automaten) at most bus stations, or from a tobacconist/newstand (Tabak-Trafik) or from the Mobilitaetszentrale . If you cannot buy a ticket ahead of time, you can get one from a machine inside a tram or bus. Probably, you will need exact change in this case! And if you plan to buy a ticket on a tram, be sure to board the first car, where the ticket machine is usually located directly behind the driver.

After buying the ticket you should usually validate it in an orange machine (Entwerter), which is located inside trams and buses, Illegal/black riders (Schwarzfahrer) without ticket have to pay a fine of 500 ATS plus the cost of the ticket, when checked by the public transportation officers (Fahrscheinekontrolle).

Types of public-transportation tickets (, Allgemeine Tarif-Info or Farscheine für Graz):

Also available: The weekly and monthly passes can be purchased in advance sale (Vorverkaufsstellen) , at the Tabak-Trafik, or at the Mobilitaetszentrale. There are special requirements for the yearly passes, please ask at advance sale .

Night transport

is available via night cabs GAST